Crazy Footage Of Hurricane Dorian & Other Wild Clips Of Nature


Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Dorian. The footage below shows glimpses at the destruction that the Bahamas have endured the past few weeks. Included are a few of the top viral videos of both the horrifying and beautiful sides of nature. Reach out to if you know of any hurricane relief efforts or organizations and we will be sure to spread the word.

#1 Hurricane Dorian


Terrifying footage from the attic of a home in the Bahamas during the hurricane.

#2 - Dove Hunting Season


Do you think you could shoot better than this guy?

#3 - Swimming with a massive shark


Would you swim with a behemoth like this one?

#3 - Hurricane Dorian Destruction


Check out the Tom Rowland Podcast to learn more about what organizations need your help and how you can donate.

#4 - Swimming with Orcas


What an incredible experience with a wolf of the sea! Different orca pods can even have different "dialects" with their echolocation.

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