C.A. Richardson: Guide & Educator

Partner Spotlight: C.A. Richardson from Flats Class


If you’re not already familiar with Capt. C.A. Richardson or his popular fishing show Flats Class, we’re just going to assume you’ve been living under a rock. Flats Class, which is headed into it’s 13th season has consistently been one of the top rated shows on air and has an extremely avid audience.

The show consists of great fishing action, legendary guests and valuable insight into the world of the most popular saltwater fish. Click here if you’d like to skip the rest of this article and binge watch 70+ episodes of Flats Class right now.

In addition to hosting Flats Class, Capt. C.A. Richardson is a full time fishing guide and instructor based in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. C.A. specializes in light tackle, artificial lures, fly, and shallow water fishing for some of Florida’s most sought after game fish such as snook, trout, redfish and tarpon. He is widely known for his passion for educating others.

Be sure to visit the Flats Class YouTube channel where C.A. frequently uploads instructional videos and graciously shares his fishing tips and tricks withe the rest of us.

C.A. Richardson is passionate about conservation and actively uses his voice and the Flats Class show to spread this message. Case in point - In the episode below C.A. fishes with Captains for Clean Water founder Capt Daniel Andrews and they discuss the water issues we’re currently facing in Florida. Give it a watch.

Flats Class S12:E9 - “Captains For Cleanwater”

C.A. truly is a master of his trade and is pioneering the way for future anglers. We’re glad to know him and honored to have him in the Waypoint family. Be sure to follow C.A. on Instagram and go check out his new website to learn more about booking a trip with him, purchasing a custom lure or entering a giveaway.




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