Living a Life with No Regrets | April Vokey on Tom Rowland


April Vokey makes her living through flyfishing. She is an intriguing character within the flyfishing community who splits her time between British Columbia and Australia.

April lives her life by a strict moral code and does not compromise her beliefs. . . ever. She sleeps well at night and lives with no regrets. This lifestyle is documented on her outstanding podcast.

Join in on this Tom Rowland conversation with flyfishing icon, April Vokey.

“Wanted to die knowing I had no regrets. . . I want to die knowing I did the best I could.”

After she was injured in a car wreck, there was no other option. She could not return to her work as a waitress, and “it all clicked!” She dove headfirst into a lifestyle of flyfishing.

Check out Tom Rowland’s and April Vokey’s podcasts to hear the whole story!

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