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Best Tarpon Footage Ever?

With Tarpon season just around the corner, we are all chomping at the bit with every video clip, article, and episode we can watch in an attempt to ease our impatience until we can get out on the water. That being said, the silver king is not so easily filmed. Not only does it take the most masterful anglers to regularly find and hook these fish, but it is almost more impossible to capture that split-second moment when the line comes tight.

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Amazing Aerial Shot Of Hundreds of Tarpon

This amazing drone shot could not get any angler more ready for Tarpon season. This clip comes from the Aftco Migrations: Tarpon film packed full of mouthwatering shots just like this one. The film documents the migrations as packs of this dinosaur of a fish travels through Key Biscayne, Florida. The sight of these Tarpon schools can leave anglers at a loss for words & a wicked adrenaline rush.

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Dinosaur Tarpon with David Mangum

Anglers fish for Tarpon all over the world using different methods for catching them, but the most effective way to ensure success is true dedication to studying this dinosaur of a fish.  The front of the boat delivers the fly, and the back of the boat puts the caster in a position of success.  It a symbiotic relationship that the guide and angler share. Independent motions that are completely dependent on each other. 

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