Why Flip Pallot Went from Banker to Fishing Legend



If you ever wondered what it took to have a YETI cooler named after you, just ask Flip. You might say Flip Pallot has been around the block, but that would be a gross understatement. He’s a hunter and an angler recently featured on Flats Class, who has traveled the globe pursuing his passion. As Oliver White explains he has done everything, “From bluegill to billfish, hogs to moose, bow to rifle, airboats to flats boats, Alaska to Argentina, Bahamas to Bermuda — he has been there, done that across the globe and then some.”

So why did a guy with a big imagination quit his banking job to launch a fishing career? Simple: “You regret the things you don’t do. You can’t replace the time. You can’t buy it back.” As a banker Flip describes how he was lending people money so they could pursue their dreams, and he would be stuck in the office with his coat and tie on. He describes his pull to the outdoors as watching others live out their passions while he was stuck. “I got to see these people running off into life - where I should have been running.” Sometimes you just have to take off the coat and tie and go for it. Little did anyone know that this banker-turned-fisherman was about to shape the future of the outdoor sports world.

you regret the things you don’t do.
— Flip Pallot

Flip describes the feeling of freedom moving from a corporate world to becoming a fishing guide. He describes it as extremely amazing to wake up every morning and spend time with a complete stranger at one of the happiest moments of their entire year. “You get to see them decompress the first day.” He describes how there are rare moments as a guide that you get with people, those special moments that can only happen in a skiff.

What Flip found through guiding is something we can all take with us: you can’t replace time. When you push out from shore you leave behind your worries, your phone, and your responsibilities to make a memory - you end up creating a moment. A moment strong enough to convince even a banker to pursue a life as an outdoorsman.

C.A. Richardson, a legendary guide in his own right, says he would fish with Flip every year if he could. He recently took a trip out with the Yeti legend fishing around Mosquito Lagoon out of a 1975 jon boat. As always, the famous fly fishing guide Flip has so much knowledge to pass on, and a few quotes that most of us can only hope to one day understand. Watch Flats Class S13:E5 “Flipping” now: