3 Odd Elk Hunting Tactics That Work


Elk are some of the most popular big-game animals in the United States. There is something that draws hunters to the strength and majesty of these animals. Hearing the bugle of a bull at daylight after hours of close pursuit is unlike any other feeling. Bowhunting this animal presents a new challenge that is unique to elk. It’s important to scope areas from a variety of different vantage points. Be persistent and patient when finding a specific vantage point. Lucky for all of us, our friends at Real Tree have put together 3 Weird Elk Hunting Tactics That Work.

Photos by: @creekbedphotography and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

  1. The Cover of Darkness

As the season progresses, mature bulls typically are not as responsive to calling or answering a bugle during daylight hours. Elk hunting is tedious, but waiting till nightfall to listen for bugles and make moves will have a successful outcome. Try shadowing a herd of elk in the middle of the night. Stalking within bow range requires a great deal of patience, but staying close to a herd makes it easy to locate them at daylight.

2. Rattling in Bulls

By using a variety of different calls, you can create a realistic situation that sounds like two fighting bulls. One way to simulate this is by smashing one shed with another. This creates a lot of noise and often catches bulls interests. Most of us don’t have problems getting bulls to respond, it’s getting them within range where it gets tricky. You never know if a bull will noisily run in or sneak up silently.

3. Hunting from a Treestand

Hunting from treestands is common among deer hunters, yet there are not many who use it for elk. Elk rarely look up into trees for hunters, making it easy to go unnoticed. When elk patterns are more consistent during the early season, waterholes are the perfect location to scout from. Elk are usually frequenting these waterholes daily, and from a tree gives you a great vantage point.

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