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Partner Spotlight: Adam Hays III of Team 200


Adam Hays III

Team 200

Bowhunter Adam Hays III hardly needs introduction. He’s the host of the hunting show Team 200, an ambassador for many of the top brands in our industry and a world class bowhunter. Adam has been hunting whitetails for over three decades. Growing up as an Ohio native, he has killed many whitetails with his bow, but when he arrowed his first 200-inch Ohio giant in 1999, things would never be the same for Adam. Since then he’s hunted almost exclusively the largest whitetails nature offers.

Adam has well-over 40 Pope & Young class bucks, but what’s most impressive is his knack for killing true-blue monsters. Out of 40 bucks, 10 have grossed into the elite Booner class, and 4 of those have smashed 200-inch ambition. Even though he’s an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, there’s no denying that Adam is a true master of his trade.

Adam follows the moon phases very closely and has studied in-depth how they affect deer movement regardless of the season. To prove a point, 9 out of the 10 Booners he’s arrowed have been moving during what Adam considers peak moon times, or as he refers to it “Red Moon.” As he explains, when the moon is directly overhead (straight up) and directly underfoot (straight down) it has the greatest gravitational pull, which he feels influences animal movement. When this corresponds during the peak movement hours in the morning and evening, it is extremely effective. Adam is dedicated to helping other hunters gain a better understanding of how the moon phases impact deer movement and how that impacs success in the field that he’s made his research available to the public through

“Biggest buck of my life, for now!”

“Biggest buck of my life, for now!”

We’re honored to call Adam a friend and proud to have him in the Waypoint family. Be sure to check out his hunting in action on Team200 (4 Seasons are now available to stream).

Our team’s favorite episode from the new season is Episode 1, which tells the story of when Adam killed his 4th 200 inch Whitetail. Click here to watch the full episode.

S4:E1 - “Adam Hays Kills 4th 200" Whitetail” (2017)

While bowhunting in Kansas, Adam Hays harvests his fourth 200" whitetail buck & his largest to date.

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