Bill Winke: Trailblazer

Partner Spotlight: Bill Winke of Chasing November and Midwest Whitetail


Bill Winke

Chasing November and Midwest Whitetail

Bill quit his job as an Aerospace Engineer to make a living hunting whitetails. Some call him crazy, but he might just be one of the few sane among us.

To take matters into his own hands, he spent an hour each night pouring through hunting literature until he found his voice. While starting a job at High Country Archery, he wrote articles for outdoor magazines. He wrote endlessly, and more whitetails hit the dirt. Multiple Boone-and-Crockett entries proved that he was among the best, and he was here to stay.

Not only was he just staying, he was dominating. Bill started the popular TV show, “Midwest Whitetail” in 2008 and turned it into one of the best sources of Whitetail hunting knowledge, conservation, and content that’s out there.

Still not satisfied, he set out again to help others get started in the outdoor industry and further embellish his quickly increasing list of accomplishments. “Chasing November” guides young interns through farming practices, videography, photography, and harvesting mature whitetails. Winke encourages his interns to pursue a career in their passion, and gives them the resources to do so.

Bill Winke is an outdoorsman, father, husband, writer and mentor. He’s a man that takes matters into his own hands, and we are proud to have him as a member of the Waypoint Family. Watch Bill kill his favorite whitetail to date, Lefty, here:

S2:E1 - “Most Massive Buck Ever, Public Buck Nest” (2017)

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