Close Up with the Largest Big Game Species on the Continent


There is hardly anything more terrifying than coming in contact with one of the most dangerous large game species - the moose. The stakes only get get raised when you are unable to turn and run, and the bull approaches ready to fight his hunter. This slow motion clip depicts that moment perfectly in just a few chilling seconds.

Aaron Hitchins and Will O’Brien from the team at Rockhouse Motion go on a hunt in the Yukon to honor the loving memory of their dear friend, Andrew Brose. In this short clip Aaron approaches his massive moose on foot just as they spotted him with two calves on the opposite bank. Hoping the bull would step out to defend the calves they got the moment they were hoping for, only to find out they were stuck 10 yards away from one of the most dangerous animals on the planet with no way to escape a full on charge. All they could do was wait, trembling in the snow at full draw, for the perfect shot.

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