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“One of the ultimate challenges that a hunter can face is going toe to toe with an individual animal on his turf, which has a willingness to live and then deciphering his daily movements and what you need to do to successfully harvest that animal. I think it allows you to gain the ultimate respect for that animal and his life.” - Mike Mancl


“Lefty came on the scene for me in the Summer of 2014. We were velvet scouting in July one evening and set eyes on this gorgeous 3.5 year old deer. I became obsessed from the moment I set eyes on him.”


Four years later, it all came together and the quest for “Lefty” came to an end. Mike was able to close the deal on this mature, storied buck. Lefty - down. The rush of emotions that only a hunter can understand set in - a strange combination of jubilee and loss.

A four year quest for “Lefty” finally comes to and end.

A moment and journey Mike will never forget. Watch the full story of this four year quest in “The Lefty Saga” episode from The Breaking Point.

S4:E7 - “The Lefty Saga”




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