You'll Never Believe Which State Produces The Most World Record Bucks


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In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a new non-typical world record buck and man is this guy an absolute unit.

Perhaps you were living under a rock, or just glued to your tree stand, but in case you hadn’t heard Luke H. Brewster arrowed a buck from Edgar County, Illinois on November 2, 2018. Shortly after the harvest, photos circulated online stating it had a green score of 311. After the required 60-day drying period and consultation with both scoring organizations the official entry score of 320-5/8 confirmed that it is only the 5th hunter-taken non-typical whitetail to exceed 300 inches in history.

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The World's Record and number two all-time non-typical whitetail deer recognized by B&C are picked-up trophies scoring 333-7/8 and 328-2/8 B&C points respectively, and were found in St. Louis County, Missouri and Portage County, Ohio. The largest hunter taken, and current number three All-time non-typical whitetail on record with B&C scores 312 and was taken by Stephen L. Tucker from Sumner County, Tennessee in 2016 (pictured below).

To put Luke’s deer in perspective this deer could surpass our current World’s Record that has stood for 18 years by more than 20 inches.
— Eli Randall, Big Game Records Director

"To put Luke's deer in perspective this deer could surpass our current World's Record that has stood for 18 years by more than 20 inches," said Eli Randall, director of Big Game Records for the Pope and Young Club. The current P&Y World's Record was taken by Michael Beatty from Green County, Ohio, in 2000 and scores 294 points. The second largest on record is a deer taken in 1962 in Nebraska by Del Austin with a score of 279-7/8 points.


All of this got us wondering, which state produces the most world record bucks? With the current record holders being so scattered, is there any one state that far exceed the rest when it comes to monster bucks?

Drumroll please…

According to B&C the state with the most overall B&C entries for typical and non-typical whitetails is:

A four year quest for “Lefty” finally comes to and end.


Don’t get us wrong, we we’re happy for our northern cheese heads. After all, with Mike McCarthy being fired they could use some good news up there. But is anyone else surprised by this? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Are all states created equal or do some really produce monsters unlike anywhere else?


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