Who We Are


We’re here to solve a problem and protect a way of life

With the rise of technology, the respect and knowledge for the world outside our screens has suffered greatly. The world is changing. Children grow up knowing clickbait instead of live bait and hashtags instead of hunting tags. We have become out of touch with the very natural ecosystem in which we belong.

This is why Waypoint was created.

We strive to use the new mediums and devices which connect the world to get those who are on the grid back off the grid. In a dying landscape, Waypoint was the brainchild of group of outdoor industry leading TV show producers that realized that their way of life could soon be extinct.

The very devices that are destroying the industry are the same tools that we are using to save it.

We’re on a mission to educate, equip, and empower a new generation of outdoorsmen. Help us make it happen. Join the Waypoint family to create a better future by guiding the outdoor community through our platform and all that we do.