Best Tarpon Footage Ever?


With Tarpon season just around the corner, we are all chomping at the bit with every video clip, article, and episode we can watch in an attempt to ease our impatience until we can get out on the water. That being said, the silver king is not so easily filmed. Not only does it take the most masterful anglers to regularly find and hook these fish, but it is almost more impossible to capture that split-second moment when the line comes tight. Even though it feels like time stops, the moment that dinosaur-like fish pierces the surface propelling into the air can be as little as one second in real time. Many scour the internet for clips that can capture the moment you hook the fish of your dreams, but few actually capture it.

Well, the wait is over.

Aaron Hitchins and Matt White with the team at Rockhouse Motion managed to get some of the best slow-motion clips ever seen on camera. These jaw-dropping shots portray the amazing power and raw emotion when catching a tarpon.

Feast your eyes on this:


These clips, from the (soon to be released) film Bounce, are being used to promote Early Riser Coffee, a company started by Hitchins, White, and Kim Bryant with the intentions to do more than sell a great product. “We wanted to contribute to the angling world we love so dearly...we have partnered with Trout Unlimited on their 5 Rivers college outreach program, 2% for Conservation on their time and sales commitment, and pushed ourselves to limit the plastic & waste in our packaging. We understand that the biggest threat to our waters is a population that doesn’t care about them, and so we are here to maximize the enthusiasm of our fishing populous.”

So, “Here’s to clean water, hungry fish, and you, the Early Riser.”