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Hunting is hard. The best hunters in the world work tirelessly to find the biggest bucks; they’re dedicated to their trade and diligently practice with unmatched discipline. They make detailed calculations, factoring in years of experience and variables into their split second decisions to get the perfect shot off and yet, even for them, things can still go awry. But it’s what they do in these instances that separate the men from the boys, the strong from the weak, and the admirable hunters from the rest.

A truly admirable hunter, Remi Warren is featured on the SOLO HUNTR Podcast where he and Tim Burnett sit down to talk about a giant buck Remi shot in Montana and the persistence and discipline it took to track this giant after the arrow…well we don’t want to give the whole story away, but trust us you do not want to miss this.

In a million years, that would never happen again.

Remi tells this once in a lifetime story and his tricks for tracking game, and man did he have to use them on this hunt. Remi is fresh off his guiding season in Montana and does an incredible job sharing stories from some of his hunts with clients. Remi’s got a passion for sharing his experience and expertise with new hunters and helping them shorten their learning curve.

I think of mule deer in this open country as some of the hardest animals to hunt with a bow. They can hear the slightest misplaced step, and see nearly to the bottom of the mountain. They position themselves where the winds constantly swirl in their favor. They are hunted 365 days a year by mountain lions. Some of the stealthiest predators on the planet. So they constantly are on high alert. To get close to a mule deer up here is as good of a challenge as any.
— Remi Warren
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On this Montana hunt, Remi encounters a stud buck but spooks him with the faintest noise. The next day Remi went back to the same spot, hoping to run into the same buck again. About a mile from where he wanted to be, he looked off to the right and saw a giant buck sniffing a doe. This buck was even bigger than the day before – and just 20 yds away! It almost looked like he could reach out and touch the buck. A super steep uphill, tough conditions, Remi planned to crouch behind a rock to draw and step out so the buck couldn’t see him. The buck heard the bow draw but went back to feeding.

Then, while Remi struggles to get his pin on the buck, the bow goes off prematurely! It hit so far away from the deer, that it didn’t even hear the shot. Never even looked at him! What a relief that must have been. Remi undoubtedly took a deep sigh or relief, reset, and shot a flawless shot. Or at least that’s how it seemed.

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Here’s where the story gets crazy. Remi found the tracks in the blood trail and it was a good blood trail, heading downhill. And then, he kept following it. . . to no end. Remi was forced to back out and left the tracks for a horrible night of sleep, just hoping everything would be fine in the morning and that we would find his elusive buck in the morning.

Remi had to have been exhausted but went back the next day determined to track his buck down. A lot of guys would not have put in the work to track that buck down, which is why so many follow Remi as an influencer and inspiration. 

Remi diligently tracks his giant muley for miles, and once he finally found him he had to investigate his giant.

The arrow hit right where Remi wanted it to. Perfect shot. Yet somehow, the entrance wound was between two ribs and the lung had come outside the body on the other side and pinched off protecting the buck from bleeding out. Unbelievable. In a million years that would never happen again.

We can learn a lot from this story. As a bowhunter, you strive to make everything perfect but this just happened to be one of those things you cannot account for. The right thing to do is put in the work, the hours, and the miles to responsibly track your buck down and end his suffering.

It was a humbling experience. I didn’t want it to happen, but when it does happen, you just must be diligent to track it.
— Remi Warren

Listen to Remi give the details of this adventure and share stories from some of his hunts with clients. He explains his passion for sharing his experience and expertise with new hunters to help shorten their learning curve. Hear the full story on “Tracking Giants, Never Quit and the Hunt Learning Curve with Tim and Remi” from Solo Hunter.




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